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November 2014 Program Updates

Clarifying Installation Types for Customized Solutions SCE has noted some confusion among the CAA community related to the installation types we use to categorize projects submitted through Customized Solutions. To help clarify, we’ve added a new document that you can access via the Online Application Tool. “Early Retirement Using Preponderance of Evidence” provides regulatory context … Read More >

New Version of Solutions Directory Available

SCE has released a new version of the Solutions Directory. Updates include: A new section describing the Retrocommissioning (RCx) offering and related Solution Codes Updated eligibility criteria for Express Solutions for reduced wattage T5 lamps and auto-closers for refrigerated walk-ins New Express Solutions for Energy Star-qualified integral LED PAR20 and candelabra lamps, effective November 1, … Read More >

Minimum Incentive Amount for Customized Solutions

Effective January 1, 2015, the estimated incentive amount for all Customized Solutions projects must be greater than $2,200. The estimated incentive amount, which SCE will review when you submit your Incentives Application, can include multiple Customized Solution codes and multiple sites, as long as they are all included on one Incentives Application. This policy change … Read More >

Re-inspections for Express or Customized Solutions Applications

As of December 1, 2014, SCE will begin enforcing an existing policy regarding re-inspections. There will now be a $400 fee, increased from $200, for completing more than one pre or post-installation inspection. These re-inspections often occur when the Technical Reviewer is unable to locate the equipment detailed in the Incentives Application or Installation Report, … Read More >

Energy Efficiency Projects for Hotels and Motels

Energy efficiency isn’t a top priority for most hotel and motel owners and managers; they’re usually much more concerned with making guests feel welcome and comfortable. Still, these facilities offer substantial opportunity to save energy with equipment upgrades. Lodging facilities in the US spend $2,196 per available room each year on energy, representing about 6% … Read More >

In Retail Spaces, Energy Efficiency Benefits Owners and Customers Alike

Ask the owner or manager of a retail store about their indoor space and they’ll probably say that maintaining visual appeal and comfort for their customers is the top priority. Energy efficiency is much lower on the list, if it appears at all. Changing that perception is the key, for SCE, to lowering energy demand … Read More >

Everything You Need to Know About Training at

Have you checked in over at the training page of lately? We work hard to keep the content fresh and robust: you’ll find frequently updated listings of upcoming training sessions and on-demand archives of previous sessions grouped by topic. The training content will help you become (and remain) well-versed in SCE’s energy efficiency incentives … Read More >

2014 Recognition Campaign Nears the Finish Line

As we tick closer to the end of 2014, we’d like to remind you that the winners of the CAA recognition campaign will be determined early next year. The campaign honors highly successful CAAs in three categories: Highest kW savings (we’ll recognize the top three finishers) Most projects that earned the Comprehensive Bonus Most projects … Read More >