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In Retail Spaces, Energy Efficiency Benefits Owners and Customers Alike

Ask the owner or manager of a retail store about their indoor space and they’ll probably say that maintaining visual appeal and comfort for their customers is the top priority. Energy efficiency is much lower on the list, if it appears at all. Changing that perception is the key, for SCE, to lowering energy demand … Read More >

Everything You Need to Know About Training at

Have you checked in over at the training page of lately? We work hard to keep the content fresh and robust: you’ll find frequently updated listings of upcoming training sessions and on-demand archives of previous sessions grouped by topic. The training content will help you become (and remain) well-versed in SCE’s energy efficiency incentives … Read More >

2014 Recognition Campaign Nears the Finish Line

As we tick closer to the end of 2014, we’d like to remind you that the winners of the CAA recognition campaign will be determined early next year. The campaign honors highly successful CAAs in three categories: Highest kW savings (we’ll recognize the top three finishers) Most projects that earned the Comprehensive Bonus Most projects … Read More >

How Changes to ENERGY STAR® QPL Affect Incentives Applications

SCE requires LED integral lamps to be ENERGY STAR® qualified in order to be eligible for incentives through Express or Customized Solutions (e.g., LT‑12834, LT‑10965). In August 2013, ENERGY STAR updated manufacturer specifications for LED and CFL lamps to earn ENERGY STAR qualification. As a result, products that have not demonstrated compliance with the new … Read More >

LED Overview: The Terms, Tech, Pros, Cons, and Policies

While light-emitting diode (LED) lighting systems still represent a relatively small share of the installed market, few energy-saving technologies have taken off in popularity as quickly. Despite, or perhaps because of, this rapid proliferation, there are a lot of misconceptions about the use of LEDs for general lighting applications. To help create some clarity, let’s … Read More >

Efficient Businesses Deserve Efficient Offices

Office buildings represent 17% of both the floor space and energy consumption in the U.S.1 Of the 1.3 billion square feet of office space in California, about 90% is leased. With the diversity of lease terms available, it can sometimes be difficult to determine exactly who is paying to keep the lights on and air cool.2 … Read More >

You Attended a Contractor Workshop. Now What?

Our recent contractor workshops offered an introduction to SCE’s energy efficiency and demand response offerings and outlined how to become a successful Customer’s Authorized Agent. We covered a lot of ground in those workshops, but if you’re ready to get started as a Customer’s Authorized Agent, here are the steps to take: Download and fill … Read More >

Air Compressor Customized Solutions Temporarily On Hold

At the direction of the California Public Utility Commission’s (CPUC) Energy Division, SCE is working with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to develop a uniform, statewide policy for estimating energy savings for air compressor variable speed drives (VSDs) and sequencing controls. Until this new policy is approved by … Read More >