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Join the RCx Program and Help Buildings Work Smarter, Not Harder

The SCE Retrocommissioning (RCx) program is looking for qualified RCx Providers. If your firm has experience bringing the huge benefits of RCx — reduced energy use, improved building performance, and increased life and reliability of equipment — to SCE customers, we want to hear from you. You can find more detail on the program website, but here are a … Read More >

Case Closed: How Adding Doors to Refrigerated Display Cases Saves Energy and Money

Grocery stores consume a notably high amount of energy per square foot. Most of the energy is attributed to refrigeration systems,1 with open display cases, when present, typically serving as the single biggest consumer. Open cases are a very common way to display refrigerated beverages and foods. The main reason they’re so inefficient is simply … Read More >

Building Spotlight: Faith-Based Facilities

California’s faith-based facilities face unique challenges to energy efficiency. Compared to other facilities, they typically have fewer operating hours and experience large swings in occupancy. Therefore, energy-using equipment experiences reduced runtimes, which can lengthen project payback periods. Still, Express and Customized Solutions offer many effective ways to help these facilities save on energy costs and … Read More >

March 2015 Program Updates

New Solution Codes and Updates in the Solutions Directory SCE will release a new version of the Solutions Directory in April 2015 with a number of new Solution Codes and updates to existing Solution Codes. These updates are described below and are currently reflected in the Online Application Tool. New Express Solution Codes for LED … Read More >

Acing Energy Savings at Golf Courses

For the past few years, golf courses and country clubs have experienced a downturn in profitability, losing an average of 2 cents on every dollar on membership dues and sales in club shops and restaurants.1 As a result, golf courses are more eager than ever to find ways to lower operating costs like energy consumption. Electricity … Read More >

Avoid the Peak With Permanent Load Shifting

With the transition to Time-of-Use (TOU) rates, SCE’s commercial customers are becoming increasingly aware of the relationship between on-peak demand charges and operating costs. The Permanent Load Shifting (PLS) program helps customers turn that understanding into energy-saving action. The PLS program offers incentives to customers who use thermal energy storage (TES) systems to shift the … Read More >

February 2015 Program Updates

February brings us several news items and policy updates from Southern California Edison, including updates to the Solutions Directory, a clarification of the LED Qualified Products Lists (QPLs), and a description of the shift to a midstream program design for LED products. Solutions Directory Updates The Solutions Directory has been updated with the following changes: … Read More >

Manufacturing Energy Savings in Light Industrial Buildings

In California manufacturing is an integral part of the economy: the sector generated $239 billion in 2013.1 In addition, the manufacturing and light industrial buildings consume 22% of the state’s total annual electricity. While manufacturing is energy intensive, not every facility is a heavy industrial foundry or refinery. Southern California Edison has three distinct building … Read More >